Areas OF Practice


If you are injured because of negligence of another, whether it is an automobile accident, a fall, a defective product or some other kind of accident, the impact on your life can be very serious. Often injured victims are saddled with medical bills, lose income, have their lives disrupted and endure a great deal of pain.

Achieving a full and fair settlement requires the insurance company to believe that you are ready and able to go into court and win your case. Only an experienced skilled trial lawyer can investigate, prepare and successfully try a personal injury case before a jury. Only when they believe personal injury cases can be tried successfully will insurance companies make full, fair settlement offers.

We have a proven record in personal injury cases and we are committed to achieving the best possible result in each client’s unique and individual case.



When an individual is charged with a crime, whether great or small, there is no time in that person’s life when they need a skilled, experienced trial lawyer more than that moment.

The criminal courts are complex and their procedures can be confusing. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be severe.

As a prosecutor, judge and defense attorney during almost forty years, I understand that a criminal charge is serious and it is critical to have a strong experienced representation as soon as possible. That is why initial consultations are free and we always attempt to be there when you need us.



The administration of an estate can be a difficult process during an equally difficult period of time. We attempt to help our client maneuver through the pitfalls and complexities of estate administration. We are also committed to providing this service with compassion and empathy.



If you or a loved one is seriously injured because of a serious medical mistake, only a highly experienced malpractice attorney can evaluate your potential case. Medical malpractice cases are some of the most difficult and complex cases in the North Carolina Court System. Only a relatively small number of trial lawyers undertake these cases or have the experience and ability to successfully represent injured patients.

We have successfully represented severely injured patients and have achieved very substantial recoveries. Every one of these cases are difficult and they are defended with great determination and more than adequate resources. However, if a patient's case is meritorious, we are prepared a battle for that patient's rights.

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